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Scottsdale Cardiologist : It takes heart to be a great cardiologist! At Optimal Heart Attack and Stroke Prevention Center, we strive to be the best quality concierge cardiologist service in all of Arizona. We definitely worry about our patients and aspire to provide for their well being. Some other cardiologists act as though patients are robots that are not subject to feelings and emotions in the same way as others. However, we at Optimal Heart Center try to understand our patients' individual needs and the help they need in dealing with cardiac issues. Our resident cardiologist, Anne-Marie Feyrer-Melk has been practicing in Scottsdale since the year 2000 and is just about the most popular doctors in all of Arizona. She has been ranked as a top doctor in Phoenix Magazine and has had many pleased clients. Our cardiology practice has been acclaimed as one the most holistic and considerate places to seek treatment in the state and possesses scores of positive testimonials. Contact us today at (480) 941-0800 to arrange your Free No hassle Consultation.


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