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WiFi doesn't work

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I have Debian Jessie installed on my laptop. I can't get my WiFi to work. In Wicd Network Manager it says there are no available wireless networks.

Running lspci gives me:

Network controller: Intel Corporation Wireless 3160 (rev 83). 

I have tried everything I found on the internet such as editing /etc/network/interfaces, installing drivers, updating, installing other things, editing more .conf files, etc. I just can't connect to WiFi. Ethernet works but sometimes I will need to use WiFi. I have Debian Jessie installed on my laptop. I can't get my WiFi to work! Anyone have any ideas how to get my WiFi working?

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It is so bad when wifi doesn’t work. The last time when my wifi went wrong I was actually working at online essay writing service and the whole day went down the drain. Working online sometimes very risky, you never know when the internet may disappear and that is an issue.
I hope you will get assisted with that issue and your wifi will be working properly.

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Have you enabled the non-free repository and installed the firmware-iwlwifi package as described here: ?

I see you said you have tried “everything” including “installing drivers” but I have no way to know if that includes the instructions on that page and specifically the firmware package.

If you have already tried everything as described on that link then I do not know, but at least we can rule that out.

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