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Where can I add .deb package to Debian Repositories?

Asked by [ Editor ] , Edited by Helmut Grohne [ Editor ]

Hello. There is a great browser using Qt- Qupzilla. There are already .deb packages on its official site, so, where can I ask for adding them to Debian Repo?

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helmut [ Editor ]

Things usually are not as easy as you currently imagine. The first thing to consider is that usually (read: not always) upstreams just cook up packages until they work. For inclusion into Debian much stricter scrutiny is applied. But even after fixing those technical issues there are other issues to consider. Every piece of software included poses a cost to the Debian distribution. If there are already 10 web browsers, why add another one? What value does it add? This needs to be spelled out rather explicitly. Last but not least, a package is not simply added, but maintained. The term maintaining includes monitoring bug reports and fixing issues such as your package suddenly failing to build on some weired architecture you never knew existed. Another task not to be taken lightly is security support. You need to monitor security issues concerning your package and be able to fix them. This is why usually a maintainer (or group) is associated with each package. Now if I you read this far and are still interested in doing all this valuable work, please have a look at . (The term “sponsoring” means that someone with the privilege to add software to Debian adds a package you created.)

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