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What media player do you recommend/use and why?

Asked by [ Editor ] , Edited by Fernando C. Estrada [ Admin ]

I use mplayer, if you do too, what is the best front-end?

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vrkalak [ Moderator ]

For Video … I go with VLC or SMPlayer.  SMPlayer has run everything I’ve thrown at it.

For Audio … go with Audacious2.  Again, everything ‘just works’
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Also, have Radio-Tray running in the tint2 panel of my Debian Sid with Openbox

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ana.guerrero [ Editor ]

For music, in the past, I was using amarok, but it became too bloated after the port to KDE 4 and since KDE 4.2 or so, I am quite happy with juk. Minirok is also worth checking out.

For video, always VLC.

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paulcarroty [ Editor ]

Best frontend is smplayer. For different desktop environment is gmplayer, kmplayer. I recommend smplayer, vlc(play all existing video) and xine (add repository)

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VLC for video, plays all formats I’ve tried out of the box, for audio, Rhymthbox. It has all the features I need and has proven bugless, unlike, say Banshee.

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marc dm

I had to jump in.
MPD plus Sonata and GMPC for library music
AlsaPlayer for the one-off tracks
SoundJuicer to rip CDs to FLAC (yeah I still do that)
Gnome-Mplayer for most movies, totem for the others.
I also use pulse-audio by default

I don’t even have VLC installed. I no like the interface

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gnome-media-player for video it can use vlc, xine or gsteamer engines you can choose or let it autoselect one.

Amarok for music

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tornow [ Editor ]

I use xmms2, which is cli. I use it easy, just to play a folder. Then the next one… and so on.
When it comes to gui i like: audacious, alsaplayer-gtk and aqualung (i think the last one offers most of what most people want from an audio-player).

As in testing i install the gecko-mediaplayer anyway i sometimes use gnome-mplayer to play my music.

smplayer does the work of playing audio files too. I agree.

If you are really low on resources you might use ogg123, mp123{321}, flac123 (not in the repos, afaik)

As you might have noticed i am not much of a gourmet.

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richs-lxh [ Editor ]

For a standard gui, all bells n whistles, i recommend Rhythmbox. It updates my music collection, has a search, and album art. It also has plugins for wikipedia artist info, song lyrics, and best of all Last.Fm ineraction so I can listen to my music from any computer.

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adam.trickett [ Editor ]

It depends…

For music I use to use XMMS because it was simple, however I found preferred the way Amarok works. It scans all your music and then you drag what you want onto today’s play list and hit play. I found the way it organises music easier to work with than the XMMS style interface. I tried others but found that they crashed, so I’ve stuck with Amarok.

Since the upgrade to KDE4 in squeeze I’ve stayed with Amarok. I know people complain that KDE4 version is bloated but if you turn off most things, the interface is okay and it uses no more RAM/CPU than other KDE4 desktop apps.

For video I’ve used all sorts of tools. I’ve found that xine is pretty good at the back-end and I’ve used it with various front-ends. Mplayer is another good back-end and I’ve used that with various front-ends too. I tried VLC several times and found it buggy and unstable but the 1.1.3 version in Squeeze has very quickly become my default video player.

Like many people once I’m happy with something I find it a pain to change, so even though there may be better options they have to be a lot better for me to bother changing.
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xtl [ Editor ]

I use mplayer with no frontends precisely because it appears to be the only player that starts from commandline, does what it’s supposed to in one single window with good keyboard control and then goes away. And it plays just about everything. It is the only one that really works.

Other than that it is, of course, a truly revolting design.

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