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What is the game more fun in the debian repositories?

Asked by , Edited by Fernando C. Estrada [ Admin ]

There are 31289 games in debian repos if you trust in debtags[1], which is the “best” or more fun ?

I would vote to hexahop or pokerth or armagetron, what do you think ?


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Thanks to everybody who has showed me these awesome games, and thanks to rhonda for giving an objective response.

I think we should mention here about goplay package and give a big thanks to Debian Games Team which have a list of games which will entry in debian , and other list which has many other games.

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rhonda [ Editor ]

There is no “best” game as people have different preferences. Some like shooter games like nexuiz and tremulous, others enjoy realtime strategy games like warzone2100 or turnbased strategy games like Battle for Wesnoth, and quite a fair amount of people find puzzle games like the SGT Puzzles collection or pathological to be the best. Of course there is a wide selection of block based games like crack-attack, but also jump'n'runs like supertux or bubbros.

Without knowing your preferred gaming genre it’s hard to decide, and people are different. It’s like asking which editor is the “best”.

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Thumbs up for Tremulous, Battle for Wesnoth and warzone2100.


Wow I’ve discovered warzone2100 now, it’s really great, thanks!

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