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The Canterbury project is for real, right??

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Taking into account that the Canterbury distro has been announced on the April fool’s day, I can’t help myself but ask whether this project is for real or just a (very) bad joke.  Seriously, it would be very sad for me (and for many others, I guess) if that were the case. I really hope it’s not!!.


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oz123 [ Editor ]

You already understood it’s a Hoax. But, let’s consider it is not:

Why is it a bad idea ? All Linux Desktop have perfect compatibility if you know how to
make, make install stuff :–)

On the other hand, imagine that: Debian is the biggest of all Distros. So … Canterbury distro, means that Debian gets tons of new maintainers and new ideas, and in two years from now, Ubuntu’s #1 bug is SOLVED !

And finally, one last thing to consider: Canterbury distro is Open Source. If the people behind it would fail to organize and turn their ideas into a well working system and organization which allowed people to exchange ideas without flaming each other, there is always the option to fork Canterbury, and revive Debian ;–)

I hope my answer helps you deal with your fears for Debian’s future.

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I think, I am being missunderstood. The Canterbury project, if it were real, it would be pretty awsome!. What I do think it’s a real pity it’s the hoax itself [ for not being real! ;–) ] . I mean, I consider that cross-distro collaboration is very important. If this weren’t an hoax, the project would represent an incredible opportunity to take collaboration among distributions a few steps further.

Regarding Debian, I don’t fear for its future at all. In fact, recent initiatives like DEX and the Debian derivatives front desk, makes me even more confident, optmimistic and happy about its future!. IMO Debian is becoming increasingly important for the whole free software stack!!. :–)

Thank you for your input!.


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