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Reading RSS feeds from multiple trusted machines

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I would like to read a set of RSS feeds from a set of trusted machines. This implies that the machines need to somehow synchronize what I already read on other machines. Some additional requirements:

  1. My data is mine. I do not want to entrust it to a company. On the other hand I have a Debian-based server. So a Web2.0 solution is ok as long as I can host it myself. (Preferably packaged already. ;–)
  2. Many feeds require html rendering, so a text-only approach is not feasible.
  3. Since my preferred MUA (mutt) is text-only this rules out rss2email.
  4. Offline-reading is not required, but might be nice to have.
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I use rss2email text-only with Alpine. Works reasonably well.

Great answer but please us answers instead of comments to answer ;–)

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