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Nvidia Optimus

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How can I enable the nvidia card in a system without a hardware-switch between the cards

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Check out the project Bumblebee. I have the optimus technology and use Bumblebee + VirtualGL + bbswitch to make it work. It means you have to start the programs you want to use the nvidia card with a commandline tool called optirun.

Debian Bumblebee wiki

Bumblebee at github

Hope this helps you!

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Thanks a lot, I would try right now. Only two questions: * do you know if a laptop is only using the Intel card, the nVidia is feeded with voltage? (the battery runs out really fast, and the area where the nVidia card is usually is hot). * Using Bumblebee + VirtualGL + bbswitch can I switch off the intel card¿?

  1. If your not using Bumblebee only your Intel card will draw power, i guess. When you use Bumblebee and your nVidia card, you’ll get less battery time as the nVidia card uses more power. Thats why the optimus functionality exstis; to save battery power.

  2. If you use Bumblebee, and your nVidia card, the Intel card will still be running as well. Only the program you start with optirun will use the nVidia card.

You can read more about how these programs work at the Bumblebee wiki page. You can also ask questions to more competent people over at the Bumblebee project IRC channel, #bumblebee on freenode.


Thanks for your help Gordon, I am already running bumblebee :)

Also I have found that the laptop temperature has gone reduced, so I think that the Nvidia card was fed with power but not running.

Also, I have found this:

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