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My HDD has disappeared...

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So, I thought I’d give Linux a try on my laptop alongside Win7.

Yesterday I tried a live install of Ubuntu 11.10 because it’s supposed to be the easiest to start with. No go. It would boot to black and took modifying startup commands to get it running. Even then, it wouldn’t install necessary drivers to function properly and exhibited all-around erratic behavior. So that was out.

Today I thought I’d try Debian 6, because it’s supposed to be more stable. The live install disk wouldn’t run, so I had to use an actual install to try it. But it wouldn’t recognize the partition I had prepared for it, so I had to make a new one in the installer. But it gave me an error message in the middle of the process.

I had to use a Windows repair disc to reboot and found that ALL my partitions were gone. HP Tools, System Backup, everything. Even my restore points were gone. The Disk Manager doesn’t display any Hard Drive, and in the place where it should be just says ‘invalid.’ My main drive shows up in My Computer, and I seem to be able to read and write to it, but none of my other drives show up. 

So… wtf?
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Yeah, thanks, hehehe

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rigved from भारत गणराज्य India

Your partition table is most likely corrupted. You can use GParted Live to recover the data on lost partitions. Then, you can fix your partition table by re-creating all the necessary partitions.

Based on the fact your laptop was unable to boot Ubuntu (without setting nomodeset, presumably) and unable to run Debian Live, it is obvious that you graphics chipset is not properly supported on Linux. But I may be wrong as I do not know much about you graphics problems. Have you tried asking about the graphics problems on the Ubuntu or the Debian support channels?

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