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Kernel 2.6.36 and headers

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Package linux-image-2.6.36-trunk-amd64 is installed. Linux-headers-2.6.36-trunk-amd64 depends linux-kbuild-2.6.36(unaviable).

Can I install kernel 2.6.36 and build the proprietary nvidia-driver module?
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As 2.6.36 is only in experimental having missing bits is to be expected, you can wait for the package to be uploaded or you can build your own 2.6.36 based kernel using this guide:

If you use the targets kernel_headers with make-kpkg and make sure your /lib/modules/\$kernel-version/build symlink points to your /usr/src/linux-image-\$kernel-version dir you should have no problem building the binary nvidia driver
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