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Is there a way to know which package creates a certain group?

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I am wondering if there’s any way to know which package creates a certain group in /etc/group config file.

In particular, I’m looking at which package creates the “winbindd_priv” group.


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helmut [ Editor ]

  1. etckeeper. By using etckeeper from the start, you can browse changes to /etc/group and look up which package installation added that group. Unfortunately you probably have not been using etckeeper form the start, so this option is not applicable to this particular situation, but may be for future instantiations.
  2. Users and groups are usually created from scripts run during package installation. Those scripts are usually stored in /var/lib/dpkg/info/*.p*. Assuming that you have not yet purged the package introducing that group, you might be able to find that group by grepping all those files for the group name.
  3. Guessing. The name includes "win" which may be shorthand for some proprietary operating system. One of the packages supporting interaction with said operating system is samba. So I looked into the samba source package and discovered that the postinst of the winbind binary package creates this particular group.
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