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Is there a linux-driver for the *new* Wacom Cintiq Pro 13 (Pen Display, released Dec2016)?

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I want to buy the new Wacom Pen-Display “Cintiq Pro 13”, that was released in December 2016. So It’s about 2-3 months old.

Here’s a link to the product:

“In order to use your Wacom product properly with your computer, download and install a Windows or Mac driver from the list below.”

But they don’t offer any linux driver.

Is there a possibility to get the pen display/propen2 run on debian with all its functionalities?

Can you recommend me a drawing tool? (GIMP?)

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I think answer of this question is yes that tehre is problem in the installation of linux drivers. You must take a close look of this operating system. Then you able to get the solution of this problem. Well! I need assignment help and therefore i like to come this website and i like to say Thanks for it.

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