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Install Sid withoud upgrade from testing

Asked by [ Editor ] , Edited by Gerfried Fuchs [ Editor ]

Netinstall can choose release? In offsite netinst iso only from stable.

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gnubyexample [ Editor ]

According to InstallFAQ, yes you can install Sid directly (use 50MB version of netinstall)

With netinstall (business card sized 50MB version) you can choose which release.

The business card sized netinstall for 64 bit is here [ ]

The page says “These images will install the testing version of Debian, currently Wheezy.”
However, booting that business card netinstall in expert mode, gives you the option of specifying a mirror. Enter you mirror appropriate for ‘unstable’ (sid) and you should get the install you want.

Note: The cdimage page also says “using installer build from sid”

Installing as described will mean the following:
  • Installer should be considered (just as described) ‘unstable’, help out with bugs by all means, but certainly expect them.
  • Your machine will not benefit from the oversight of the security team, whose focus would really be about managing and fixing security issues for ‘stable’ and ‘testing’
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amlj [ Editor ]

Sid changes very quickly (that’s why it’s called unstable) and therefor, there are no images available for it.
I would suggest an upgrade from testing…

You have another choice, which is downloading the netinst, burning it to a CD, and then booting it in expert mode. That way you can choose the distribution.

If you like to, you can use aptosid (used to be called sidux)

Hope this helps. :)

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