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init system for Wheezy

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How Debian devs will choose between systemd or upstart for Wheezy ? Is there a plan or a process for this important choice ?

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Phew, that’s a question reaching years in the future :–)

As of now, this issue has been discussed only very preliminary during a BoF at DebConf10 (which has video available) on the topic of upstart. The event has also been briefly summarized in a DPL report about DebConf10. In short, it seems (again, it’s to early to have a clear answer) that the Debian Policy team is oriented towards adding support in the Debian Policy for multiple init systems (currently only System V init is officially supported), allowing for some easy way to change the default.

From there on, the choice will be do-ocratic, as it often happens in Debian. If people add enough support in all packages needing initialization at boot time, then it would be possible to choose before the release the best system, evaluating its technical merits. Otherwise if, for instance, only one init system will have archive-wide support, then it will be the de facto “winner”.

Bottom line: contributors who care about an init system other than System V init will need to keep an eye during the early beginning of the Wheezy cycle to understand where they should contribute to support their pet init system.
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In other words, everyone who wants systemd (and I hear a lot of talk about it) had better start working through the package list, creating patches to add support for it. Big job. I wonder how it will affect the kFreeBSD folks.


d'oh, I posted that answer as anonymous :–( bad zack!

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