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I have the Clear 4G+ Sierra 250u wireless modem working in Squeeze, who would I contact about that?

Asked by , Edited by Fernando C. Estrada [ Admin ]

I have the Clear Serria 250 U usb modem (the 3G and 4G modem).

I have the 4G+ working in Debian Squeeze with the EDU packaged installed.   Not sure what got it working. I am using Network manger app 0.8.1, I installed the Clear Manger with wine. Then drivers, and CMApp, with wine.  them I installed a virtual box, installed vista 32bit, the 3G started working. Went online downloaded Oracle 64bit virtual box, installed vista 64 bit. I shut down my laptop (had to do something). When I booted up the virtual box would not start (I got an error message), but the 4G light was on.  I know there are others trying to get it working in the GNU/Linux OS, any ideas who I should get in touch with about this?   I am in Brooklyn, NY. Debian, NYC installed Debian on my laptop, but I don't have their email.

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