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I have an 'extra' hard drive on my PC and I want to install Debian 5.0.6

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I have an extra hard drive on my PC and want to install Debian 5.0.6 on it.  Which version should I download?

I have an AMD Anthlon XP 3000+ 2.10 Ghz processor with 1.93 GB of RAM

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rhonda [ Editor ]

Actually I think your CPU should be fine with the amd64 version of lenny. And depending on your network bandwidth I would suggest you to take a look at the netinstall images: They are rather small in download size and contain only what you really need to get started and will pull in any package that you want to install from that point from the network. That way you don’t have to download the larger full images with stuff that you potential never really install.

Also I suggest you to at least scan through the FAQ about the CD images, they contain answers to the most regularly asked questions about the installation media.

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Thank you for you input. This is what I believe I will start with!

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amlj [ Editor ]

Debian 5.0.6 is called Lenny, which is the current stable release…

First, go here and see what your choices are…
If you have a good and permanent Internet connection, I suggest you take a look here.
You may also like to download via HTTP/FTP… Go to this page.

But personally, I think the first one is better… You only download what you need.

Good luck.

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