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How to use Mobile Phone as Network Gateway?

Asked by [ Editor ] , Edited by Gerfried Fuchs [ Editor ]

I’ve been googling around but haven’t found any useful information on how to use my mobile phone (Sony Ericsson k660i) as network gateway.

I can peer it via bluetooth, actually that’s the way how I download photos and upload music to it, but I haven’t found out yet how to use it as network gateway for my laptop. I can browse on the mobile phone itself, but nothing beats a real browser on your laptop. :)

Thanks in advance for any hints or pointers in the right direction!

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depaloan [ Editor ]

Never done something like that, anyway, have you tried to connect through Bluetooth with network-manager? There’s also an alternative solution

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Thanks for the two links. Unfortunately when selecting the phone in the network-manager approach for accessing the internet the dialogue hangs, there is a rotating symbol stating that it fetches the phone configuration, but that just hangs endlessly (several minutes now already). It doesn’t appear as mobile broadband like in the next step of the blog entry …

The alternative solution says that it’s “connecting to Dial-up Networking” but actually nothing happens after that. I followed the last comment from that page for an updated script, no success there neither. :/


Actually using the USB cable with the mobile phone made available in network manager and then allowed me to use it to connect to the net. Thanks – this works pretty well, actually writing this comment through that. :D

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helmut [ Editor ]

[incomplete answer] If you can pair it, the next thing is to discover the modem. Often enough it is /dev/rfcomm0 (see rfcomm package bluez). If that is present, you can try to interact with the modem. (There is an example in the socat manual page.) I suggest that you type something like “ATD”, some phone number you control and enter. This should make your phone dial that number. My experience ends at this point. In theory you can use wvdial with this modem then. Also I have not yet understood how to use the mobile-broadband-provider-info package, but it seems related to me.

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