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How do you clone an audio CD from the command line (CLI)?

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As the title says, how do you clone an audio CD using the command line (CLI)?


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What do you mean by “clone”? Create another identical audio CD, or copy music tracks onto HDD, possibly encoding them to mp3, ogg, flac, etc. format?

I’m quite sure it means creating another audio CD, so not ripping or the like

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gabe [ Editor ]

Find out where your CD-ROM lives. For instance, if it's at /dev/sdc:

Just do dd if=/dev/sdc of=cdimage.img.  Cloned. 

Then to burn copies, cdrecord -v cdimage.img.

This way you get exact copies, without all the audio conversion nonsense.
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Debian provides ‘wodim’ instead of ‘cdrecord’, due to hostile behaviour by the upstream developer of cdrtools.


This does not work with audio CDs. The cdimage will be empty, cause there is no data track.

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