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Debian packaging: headers that I don' want inside my package!.

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I am trying to make a debian binary package of a newer version of gthumb, using Debian Squeeze as the development environment . The one thing I’m stuck with is the following: every time I get my custom .deb built, some headers (.h files) are included in it, and I don’t like that. How can I prevent that from happening? Which is the right file to customize? The “rules” file? The “Makefile”?.

Any tip or hint about this will be greatly appreciated.

I am using “debuild” to do the packaging stuff. The source package is an upstream one, Gthumb version 2.12.



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helmut [ Editor ]

There probably is a reason for installing those headers, so simply removing them sounds like a stupid idea. A better approach is to split them to a separate development package. (Check whether this is actually worth the effort. If you are talking about just two header files the answer probably is “no”.) Then you can use dh_movefiles to direct each file or directory to the correct package.

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