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OpenVPN Noob Questions

Hello all,

I would like to setup an OpenVPN server behind my Apple Airport Extreme.  The Apple does not provide for a VPN, so the only way to access the home VPN server is through port forwarding, correct?  Is this method recommended?  Basically, I would like to access my home VPN from outside the LAN.  Does my VPN server need only one LAN port, which will be connected to the Apple?  Once I connect to the home VPN server will my connection be encrypted when using a public wifi?  Also, can I leave my VPN server off and turn it on by sending it a wakeup packet?  Sorry for all the questions, but any help will be greatly appreciated.  


Yes you can , but it’s so complicated. You can do port forwarding to vpn server in you network and connect this server to lan port of apple airport device. After that you should adjust some vpn server. Adjustment openvpn-server more complicated then for example pptpd server. If you vpn server will use only one lan port you should adjust vlans and this lan port should be in trunk mode. But it will has senc only if you apple router also support vlans on lan ports. If not you will need one more network card for you vpn server. From this second card you can connect some wired devices in you network. And it’s will work. From another side you can use you wi-fi on apple router for wireless devices. As i say you design is complicated but it’s possible. May be for you will more easier use teamviewer or similar programs??

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