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Can't launch installer for Jenny from Hirens G-parted

Can't launch installer for Jenny from Hirens G-parted

Postby leemidi » 2016-07-25 12:05

HEY! I'm stupid - let's get that out of the way first. Here's my deal - probably something really ignorant but I've looked thru multitudes of pages - google & wiki to no avail.?.?...

I'm running from Gparted off a boot from Hirens disc on an Asus laptop that's got Win7 Ultimate 64bit installed on the 1st (Primary) partition NTFS. I've created a separate partition 300Gb+ formatted with EXT4.
I've downloaded Jenny amd32-64 combo ISO & haved moved it to the 2nd partition EXT4 & expanded it. I want to run a dual-boot with an option to choose Win7 or Linux at start-up & utilize the GTK giu with Linux.
For some reason I can't get the install to initialize. I can't see the partition in Windows & when I've tried to run Lilo utility from Gparted none of the options are available... What's up with my procedure.
I would appreciate any hand-holding - I have set-up & run MacBuntu as well as Ubuntu, on a Windows laptop, before so I'm not totally ignorant but certainly not proficient. leemidi
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