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Unstable wifi connection.


I have a wifi problem. I have just switched from Ubuntu 14.04 to Debian 7 with xfce environment (and this problem was one of the reasons to switch) hoping that this nightmare would end, but… well, it didn’t.

I have a BCM43142 802.11b/g/n network card and am using the proprietary wl driver.

The connection is stable as long as I am in the room where the router is, however, when I go to the other room, my connection is working properly for a couple of minutes of clean connection, but after that it slows down / stops working / prompts me for the password.


$ sudo rmmod wl;  sudo modprobe wl

gives me another five minutes of fine connection, but after that the connection breaks again. I tried the following line also:

$ sudo iwconfig wlan0 power off,
but it wasn’t of any use. Neither was switching the router settings from 802.11b/g/n to 802.11g

I have another partition with Windows 7, where there’s no problem with the wireless connection anywhere at all, hence I’m thinking that might be a driver problem, especially having taken into account that the wifi does work in debian for some time before crashing.

I would appreciate any form of help



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