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By: Asked from Montréal, Canada

Installing Debian 6.0.4 lxde or xfce

i am pretty newbie to linux, i never used linux before. i just downloaded debian 6.0.4 lxde+xfce ISO. i need some assistance or step-wise installation guide for installing debian either with lxde or xfce and configuring.

1) do i have to pre-partion my hdd before installation? 2) does the debian lxde+xfce ISO has graphical installer? 3) am i able to choose custome packages for installation?



trashheap [ Editor ]

Typically if I want a fresh install with XFCE I just use the regular CDs with a ‘desktop=’ line at boot as per the instructions here:

I can not speak to your particular ISO. But all boot CDs from: provide both a text based and graphical installer (except maybe for the netboot tftp install.)

Typically you cannot choose custom packages at install time, but you can select a handful of common optional services to include from the installer.

Both the text mode installer and graphical installer are straightforward and both allow you to partition the hard drive from inside the installer. You may want to consult the installation manual for details:

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