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Lightweight music player for Xfce (Lenny)

What lightweight music player would you recommend for using with Xfce on Lenny?

I’m looking for something with a nice UI if possible (target users have no experience with Linux apps, and probably WinAmp is all they have used before). Please note that I don’t necessarily expect something like Amarok, but at least it shouldn’t look like it was developed in the past century :)

Even when it may be obvious, I’ll mention that I need something that’s already packaged for Debian. And since it’s going to be used on systems that have Xfce as a DE, it should be something that doesn’t pull hundreds of dependencies.


alex [ Editor ]

First of all I'd like to thank to all the people that helped me with their suggestions and recommendations. They were all useful in some way or another, and they pointed me in the right direction.

That being said, I'll just add some comments that might be helpful for users looking for the same thing.

audacious : even if it's not the most lightweight audio player, it's the closest thing to XMMS that I've seen so far ( which is exactly what I wanted, and should have been mentioned in my question :-) )

DeaDBeeF : it's an interesting program, and I guess that could be defined as "the foobar2000 equivalent". I believe this is a relatively new program, and as it's usual with Debian, there's no official package. To be completely fair, an ITP report was filed on April (although 10 months later, there isn't anything concrete yet, and the package is on the git server waiting for review). Maybe with some luck by the time Wheezy ships, we'll have DeaDBeeF packaged ;-)

A couple of options to get it working without needing to compile it where mentioned in the answers. None of them work for me. However, in the download section of the website there's a portable binary that has no external dependencies and can be run without any problems.

Besides, Mr. Smirnov (author of DeaDBeeF) maintains a github repository from where the program can be built from sources, following more closely the Debian Way. For those that are interested, here's how to do it.


Merry Christmas!,


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