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Lightweight music player for Xfce (Lenny)

What lightweight music player would you recommend for using with Xfce on Lenny?

I’m looking for something with a nice UI if possible (target users have no experience with Linux apps, and probably WinAmp is all they have used before). Please note that I don’t necessarily expect something like Amarok, but at least it shouldn’t look like it was developed in the past century :)

Even when it may be obvious, I’ll mention that I need something that’s already packaged for Debian. And since it’s going to be used on systems that have Xfce as a DE, it should be something that doesn’t pull hundreds of dependencies.


tornow [ Editor ]

Try alsaplayer-gtk.

audacious might be not the style you like.
aqualung is not as heavy as amarok, but not what i would call lightweight.

Lots of people at seem to lilke deadbeef.
It is not in the official repo (as far i know). I know that it is in hadret’s repo.
(all the others i mention are in the official repos).

You may have a look at the xmms2 frontends:
gxmms2, esperanza and some more.

I use xmms2 from cli or gnome-mplayer as a gui one
(cause gnome-mplayer comes with the iceweasel-plugin gecko-mediaplayer for squeeze anyway)

NN comments

Hi tornow, and thanks for your answer. audacious looks like the kind of program I was looking for. In fact I remember sawing it this morning on the official list of recommended apps for Xfce, and for some reason I thought it was “audacity” (the audio editor) and didn’t consider it as an option. Thanks for reminding me of that app. DeadBeef might also be a very good choice, but unfortunately hadret’s PPA seems to be for sid only. On the other hand, esperanza also looks good and it seems lightweight indeed. I appreciate your suggestions.


@alex oh, sorry i didn’t realize it was mainly for sid. check here: in case you desperately want it. Perhaps ask at the Mepis forum if it is compatible to Debian or not (i tend to stick to the repos too :–) as you might know hadret is a regular poster here, perhaps he will have a say on the matter. good luck.

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