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Lightweight music player for Xfce (Lenny)

What lightweight music player would you recommend for using with Xfce on Lenny?

I’m looking for something with a nice UI if possible (target users have no experience with Linux apps, and probably WinAmp is all they have used before). Please note that I don’t necessarily expect something like Amarok, but at least it shouldn’t look like it was developed in the past century :)

Even when it may be obvious, I’ll mention that I need something that’s already packaged for Debian. And since it’s going to be used on systems that have Xfce as a DE, it should be something that doesn’t pull hundreds of dependencies.


oz123 [ Editor ]

This is one of those questions which has no really a correct answer …
So here is my two cents:

NN comments

Even though you are correct in that there is no single correct answer all your answers fail to come with lenny packages as was requested in the question.

true, I have not seen it – but nothing prevents him from installing them from source on Debian Lenny. I am making an assumption that he knows how too :–)

: I know how to install a program from source, but the reason why I asked for something “already packaged for Debian (Lenny)” is that I don’t want to spend time finding dependencies related to development libraries or diagnosing error messages derived from the build process (which are likely to happen when compiling a multimedia program). For this particular case, I just need something that can be installed by issuing an apt-get.

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