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Running Commands in Background?

Hey… I’m doing so many works sometime, and sometimes it’s not in a way I can use tabs or different shells… Is there a way I can run some commands like upgrading in background?


amlj [ Editor ]

Just add ‘&’ at the end… Like:

# aptitude dist-upgrade &

Now, the command is running in the background… But remember, it has a lower priority than normal processes.

You can get it back to foreground, if you enter: fg

Hope that helps.

NN comments

Hey, can someone tell me what’s wrong with this solution? I’m just interested to know… As some seem to not read the replies… Maybe I’m wrong… You can add a comment and tell me what’s wrong..

I’d appreciate it.

Your solution does not play well with interactive programs like aptitude. Also, your note about lower priority is nonsense.

I don’t think that it’s nonsense… Also, screen is not installed by default… And if you have ever used something other than your home-computer, you’d understand that it’s better to have a minimal system, and work with packages which are installed by default… Screen is not in a min install.


It’s OK guys… Thank you all… I’ll try out all of ‘em… But I think all the solutions are good. AMLJ’s solutions are usually 'Debianish’ as he says!! xD So he just likes to use tools which are not installed on a minimal installation as little as possible… Screen seems like a great solution too, I mean, from what I see it’s also good. I’ll try all solutions out! Thanks a lot!

I’ve found two exceptions so far: 1) less 2) vim Those are the only things I install, even if they are not in the minimal installation. Also, solutions are different… Using this method will work, and I don’t see anything wrong with it. Neither do I see anything wrong with using screen… Also, I simply give solutions the way I think is better… You do the same… In fact, we all do this. If I don’t like a solution, it doesn’t mean it’s wrong/bad/stupid/useless/etc.

How does the “not installed by default” play into the picture of you always telling people the “vim” way to do things? It’s neither in min install?

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