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What media player do you recommend/use and why?

I use mplayer, if you do too, what is the best front-end?


adam.trickett [ Editor ]

It depends…

For music I use to use XMMS because it was simple, however I found preferred the way Amarok works. It scans all your music and then you drag what you want onto today’s play list and hit play. I found the way it organises music easier to work with than the XMMS style interface. I tried others but found that they crashed, so I’ve stuck with Amarok.

Since the upgrade to KDE4 in squeeze I’ve stayed with Amarok. I know people complain that KDE4 version is bloated but if you turn off most things, the interface is okay and it uses no more RAM/CPU than other KDE4 desktop apps.

For video I’ve used all sorts of tools. I’ve found that xine is pretty good at the back-end and I’ve used it with various front-ends. Mplayer is another good back-end and I’ve used that with various front-ends too. I tried VLC several times and found it buggy and unstable but the 1.1.3 version in Squeeze has very quickly become my default video player.

Like many people once I’m happy with something I find it a pain to change, so even though there may be better options they have to be a lot better for me to bother changing.
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