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What media player do you recommend/use and why?

I use mplayer, if you do too, what is the best front-end?


tornow [ Editor ]

I use xmms2, which is cli. I use it easy, just to play a folder. Then the next one… and so on.
When it comes to gui i like: audacious, alsaplayer-gtk and aqualung (i think the last one offers most of what most people want from an audio-player).

As in testing i install the gecko-mediaplayer anyway i sometimes use gnome-mplayer to play my music.

smplayer does the work of playing audio files too. I agree.

If you are really low on resources you might use ogg123, mp123{321}, flac123 (not in the repos, afaik)

As you might have noticed i am not much of a gourmet.

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